From idea to product

Turn your requirement notes into actionable developer tasks - rapidly.

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Streamline your workflow from
requirements to implementation

Gathering requirements is your first step towards a new product. The process from the first idea to the actual implementation requires many single steps and causes lots of media breaks. Streamline this workflow with a notes tool that turns your thoughts into actionable items.

Collaborative note taking

A flexible notes app keeps your team's ideas safe and organized. Structure text, files, links and photos the way you want them and share everything with your stakeholders.

From notes to action

Convert any text into an actionable developer task with just a single click. Don't waste time jumping from one tool to another and create your JIRA issues or Trello tasks directly in your notes app.

Enjoy a happy customer

An engaged stakeholder basis is your key to an amazing product. Forster full transparency along the entire requirements engineering process and never experience unpleasant surprises.

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