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Engage peers by uniting notes, tasks, and apps in a single tool.

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Accelerate the team, whenever you meet.

Meetings are the hot spot of the workplace. They are meant to speed up the team, but once too often they slow us down. Turn this around by increasing the level of collaboration.

Get things done

Is there a lack of impact, because of forgotten tasks? Set simple and clear responsibilities to get things done. That makes it easy to follow up.

Cost(umer)ly time not wasted

Do you waste too much time in meetings? Get rid of repetition, make them shorter, or even drop them. That's more time to focus on your customer.

An engaged team

Does it feel like participants are not in the room? When everyone has their say and the work is transparent, the team gets motivated.

Let Conode guide each meeting

Conode will guide you through the 3 stages of every meeting and seamlessly integrate into your digital environment.  Try now→

Prepare  all information and participants

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Set up an agenda and gather all relevant information for the meeting. Conode will involve the team with automatic reminders.

Meet the team and collaborate

People remember 3 times as much of what they write, then what they hear. So take notes simultaneously to get everyone on the same page during the meeting - on your laptop or phone.

Send a summary and get to work

Now it’s time for the team to get to work. All tasks have been assigned and will automatically be checked in the next meeting. Finally, updating everyone about the decisions happens by the click of a button.







Impactful Workshops at innohack

My goal is getting clients to build products that are user-centric and workshops are key to achieve that. Conode allows me to document and connect everything to my apps easily. This way I can maximize my impact.
Yves Terrier, Business Designer

Getting started is easy

Disrupt blablabla and lost time in meetings. The team will thank you for taking that lead.

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Connect your apps

Connect Slack, Trello, Jira, and your calendar.


Prepare the next meeting

Open a new Page in Conode, prepare the next meeting and invite the team.

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